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Thank you very much everyone who contributed to my presents and card and  to all the individuals who were also very generous and also offered good wishes and prayers for our future. There were many people who contributed to my final service which was a joyous and praise filled time, people of all denominations and nationalities which I felt reflected my ministry, so thank you all for the parts you played which contributed to a fantastic whole.  We were also treated to a delicious feast afterwards.   

Thank you all and God bless, Caroline

September/October 2016
Revd Caroline Sackley


Priest-in-Charge: Interregnum

Tim Bravington 


I can be contacted on this email address. 


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Sincere thanks to Linda Gorton for this contribution, together with photos which can be viewed in our Gallery.

Revd Caroline SackleyFirst Impressions – 1st December 2013

La Chapelle Pallau.

It was a joyful morning in the West – our new Priest in Charge, Reverend Caroline Sackley gave a truly inspiring and meaningful sermon to a more numerous than normal congregation in the beautiful church at La Chapelle Pallau. The morning sun streamed through the stained glass windows and our voices lifted in praise and harmony in both song and prayer. The message was very simple ‘Get ready for the coming of the Lord.’ Not only for the Advent of His birth but also for His return. Rev.Sackley’s clear voice and spiritual guidance augers well for the future and I for one look forward to her continued fresh approach to the meaning of the bible passages. At the shared meal afterwards it was also a pleasure to meet her and those who were there were further warmed by her sunny smile and openness to all. It was also a chance to meet Bob and he added to the merriment and joviality of the occasion,

A good start for us all!









Saturday 25th January:
12h00 midday at the Salle in Puy de Serre  
Email : ireneferguson@clanferguson.org.uk 
Alternatively,  Phone : Ann Condie at 05 49 32 65 09.   
Ticket Price is 15.00 euro per person (you can pay on the door)


Sunday 26th January  - Change of Venue:
The Ecumenical Service will take place at 11h00 in the Town Church in Foussais Payre.
There will be a Bring & Share Lunch after the service - please bring your own plates and cutlery.


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Please Note that during the time of Restoration of the Church at Puy de Serre, services will always take place but at an alternative location, probably at the Salle in Puy de Serre (where we have Bring & Share Lunches). If you are uncertain, please contact the Church Warden or view STOP PRESS.


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