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For more information, please see the current edition of "The Grapevine"


This form, for social event organisation and fund-raising activities, has been introduced so that the PCC can ensure that dates of social events do not clash, and that there are no problems with the organisation.  Please download a copy of the form, print it up, complete it, and return it to a member of the PCC (ideally, one of the Churchwardens, the Secretary or the Treasurer) at Church one Sunday, or, if you can't manage that, please post it to:

The ASV Secretary,
c/o The Vicarage,
27 rue de Malvoisine

We will endeavour to look at the proposal as soon as we can, and get back to the person proposing to organise the event to confirm that it has been put in the diary. 

If you have any questions as to how to complete the form, please email mcgregor@lalogette.com.


2018 ASV Electoral Roll  
Please see NOTICES and "February Grapevine" Page 6  click here


ASV HOME GROUP (South West Vendée)
Takes place at the home of Myra Holmwood, in Champs St. Pere, at 1430 hrs.  
We meet normally every other week

 If anyone would like to join us in the Group, perhaps you could give Sally Mills a call on 02 51 33 30 46, email: sally.mills@wanadoo.fr, or, Myra Holmwood, herself on  email  : Holmwood.myra@neuf.fr.  
ASV Home Group - East

This Home Group meets at the home of Doug and Chris Green in Largeasse, Deux-Sevres, not far from the Vendée border.

We would welcome new members and this is an ideal time to join this small, friendly group who meet for an hour or so followed by refreshments and a chat. More details can be obtained from Doug or Chris on 05 49 72 18 46 or greensinfrance@yahoo.co.uk 


Coffee and Bring-and-Share Lunches
After nearly every service our fellowship is extended when we have coffee and a bring-and-share lunch and this appreciated by most people especially Second-Home owners who can then catch up with everyone.

At Puy de Serre, because of numbers, there is a small team of people who set up the hall before the service and clear up afterwards as well as filling and plugging in the water boiler for the people who will make the coffee. The same people have been doing this for some years now and this is an appeal for anyone else who would be willing to join the rota so that it shares the load a little more. At the same time we need volunteers to make the tea and coffee after the service. If you are able to help please contact Chris Green for the hall rota or Jenny Wilkinson regarding coffee.

Chris Green 05 49 72 18 46 greensinfrance@yahoo.co.uk
Jenny Wilkinson 09 87 87 84 87 wilkinsonjennifer9@gmail.com

Join All Saints Vendée Poster

Join All Saints Vendee

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Church Greetings Cards

Plain greetings cards bearing photographs of landscapes, nature subjects or prints of the churches in which we hold our services are available from Pat Martin or Sally Mills.



26th November 2023
SERMON given by Lay Minister John Matthews
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Sainte-Marthe, 85240 HOW TO FIND THE SALLE AT PUY DE SERRE More details,
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La Chapelle Palluau

Saint Pierre, 85670

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