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6th February
Bishop in Europe - Lent Appeal

The Bishop in Europe:
The Right Reverend Dr. Robert Innes


 Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,


The Menedékház Foundation, Budapest, Hungary

The Menedékház, founded in 2005 on the outskirts of Budapest, helps homeless families with children reintegrate into the workplace and society at large.  The name says it all: Menedékház, or shelter, originally referred to a temporary refuge  in a forest or on a mountaintop placed there for those in need of cover during storms and at nightfall.

Last year my wife, Helen, was privileged to visit the Foundation. As she stood at the front door a family of six arrived who owned no more than a little cardboard suitcase. “Is this a prison?”, asked the 4-year old. Later in the day Helen came across the same family who had been admitted and were now crowded into a single bedroom, enjoying some hot soup provided by the project.

At the Menedékház a professional staff of social workers serves some 160 people, many of whom do not meet the criteria of other established social assistance programmes. Some clients find their way to the shelter from impoverished villages in the countryside. Other clients are residents of Budapest who may have suddenly lost a job or been evicted from housing. Still others make their way to the Menedékház from alternative shelters now abruptly unavailable to them for bureaucratic reasons.

The Menedékház is housed in aging Soviet-era military barracks.  They provide minimal amenities and little privacy for the families served.   It is a roof over the head – sometimes not much more -- a place for families to catch their breath  while parents seek employment  and children try to continue their schooling during the crisis the family is facing.  A significant proportion of clients are of Roma family background.  The Menedékház has also from time to time provided shelter to refugees and migrants. 

The 2017 Lent Appeal Project

Whilst the Menedékház has washrooms and toilets, they are in poor repair and highly communal, offering little privacy or sense of security to families already traumatised. Built decades ago for military recruits, the facilities are today wholly inadequate and run-down, with peeling paint, cracked flooring and tiles, and little ventilation.










Accordingly, this year’s Lent Appeal Project at the Menedékház in Hungary aims to fund the comprehensive renovation of the family washrooms, providing individual cabins or cubicles for family groups to change, wash, and shower. 

We estimate the cost of renovation to be in the range of ten to fifteen thousand pounds sterling.   The proposed renovation will include….

Three large bathroom areas, one on each floor of the building

Ten to twelve cabins or cubicles in each washroom with doors and locks for individual and family use
One or more baby-changing and washing stations
Tile flooring
New walls
Upgraded electricity
Upgraded plumbing

Sometimes it is the smallest things in life that count the most.  With this project, we hope to improve the lives of those served by the Menedékház.  Washing-up and toileting facilities may not seem exciting in the grand scheme of things but they are essential and much appreciated among those who are vulnerable or otherwise just getting by.

Learn more about the Menedékház and their services to the homeless online at www.menedekhaz.hu

Please do consider how you can support my appeal. I wish you a holy and spiritually fulfilling Lent. As usual, you can give money to this appeal through your church treasurer, who will forward money to the diocesan office.


With every blessing,

+Robert Gibraltar in Europe                                              



The Electoral Roll is essentially a "register" of all eligible members of the congregations of a church who then have a right to attend the Annual Meeting, vote at this meeting for motions and elections, and stand for election to council or other offices.  The number of people on the Electoral Roll also affects how many Council members can be elected and how much we pay to the Common Fund of the Diocese so there is a financial implication.  It is the duty of the Electoral Roll Officer to compile and revise the Roll and to maintain the confidentiality of the information - publishing only an "extract" when necessary.

There is a strict timetable for the annual revision based upon the date of the Annual Meeting which this year will take place on April 1st.  I am therefore required to revise the Roll no earlier than the 4th March and no later than the 18th March.  Once the revision has been made the Roll is "frozen" until after the Annual Meeting.  If anyone wishes to be added ( or removed) from the ASV Roll please contact me as soon as possible.  Application Forms for enrolment can be obtained from me or one of the Wardens.

Chris Green, Electoral Roll Officer
Email : greensinfrance@yahoo.co.uk


Message of Condolence

Robin Kenyon, R.I.P.


21st April 2016
This prayer has been received from the Church of England and
approved by the Queen:

Heavenly Father, as we celebrate the ninetieth birthday of Her Majesty the Queen, receive our heartfelt thanks for all that you have given her in these ninety years and for all that she has given to her people. Continue, we pray, your loving purposes in her, and as you gather us together in celebration, unite us also in love and service to one another; through Jesus Christ. Amen


24th March 

Do you pay French taxes?

If so did you know that for every 100 euros that you give to our Church the taxman will reduce your tax bill by 60 euros thus a 100 euro donation will only cost you 40 euros (and you will be able to increase your donation!!!)

You simply need to make your donation in a recordable manner.
You can put your donation in numbered envelopes in the collection box, set up a standing order (virement) or send money to the planned giving officer (Mike Mylod)  giving your name and address. At the end of the year your contributions will be totted up and a certificate issued. You enter this amount on your tax return (no need to send proof, just keep your certificate in case you are asked for it) and the taxman will reduce your tax bill by a figure equal to 60% of your donations.

Donations to the vicarage renovation can also qualify for tax relief if made through 
A S V.

Start planned giving now and let the taxman help our Church.

Contact Mike Mylod  02 51 51 07 56    (joseph.mylod @ wanaoo.fr)
Or Colin Grimshaw  02 51 98 67 91    (colingrimshaw@orange.fr)
To find out how easy it is!!!


ASV HOME GROUP (South West Vendée)
Takes place at the home of Myra Holmwood, in Champs St. Pere, at 1430 hrs.  
We meet normally every other week

 If anyone would like to join us in the Group, perhaps you could give Sally Mills a call on 02 51 33 30 46, email: sally.mills@wanadoo.fr, or, Myra Holmwood, herself on  email  : Holmwood.myra@neuf.fr.  
ASV Home Group - East

This Home Group meets at the home of Doug and Chris Green in Largeasse, Deux-Sevres, not far from the Vendée border.

We would welcome new members and this is an ideal time to join this small, friendly group who meet for an hour or so followed by refreshments and a chat. More details can be obtained from Doug or Chris on 05 49 72 18 46 or greensinfrance@yahoo.co.uk 


Coffee and Bring-and-Share Lunches
After nearly every service our fellowship is extended when we have coffee and a bring-and-share lunch and this appreciated by most people especially Second-Home owners who can then catch up with everyone.

At Puy de Serre, because of numbers, there is a small team of people who set up the hall before the service and clear up afterwards as well as filling and plugging in the water boiler for the people who will make the coffee. The same people have been doing this for some years now and this is an appeal for anyone else who would be willing to join the rota so that it shares the load a little more. At the same time we need volunteers to make the tea and coffee after the service. If you are able to help please contact Chris Green for the hall rota or Jenny Wilkinson regarding coffee.

Chris Green 05 49 72 18 46 greensinfrance@yahoo.co.uk
Jenny Wilkinson 09 87 87 84 87 wilkinsonjennifer9@gmail.com

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